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Homemade Hot Cocoa (Dairy Free)

There’s nothing like a decadent cup of hot cocoa on a frosty day. Unlike coffee or tea, which only warm you up, hot cocoa seems to comfort the soul.

This recipe is almost as simple as making hot cocoa from a packet, but better because you make it yourself! It’s also quite a treat for those who cannot have dairy, like myself.

Start by boiling water. Simple right?


Pour boiling water into your mug until it is 3/4 full. Then, bring in the unsweetened cocoa!

Dairy Free.png

Add three heaping spoonfuls into your cup and stir vigorously. If your water is hot enough, you should not have any problems with lumpiness. A lot of people complain about that with hot cocoa in comparison to hot chocolate, which is made from real chocolate instead of cocoa powder. However, I have not had any problems, except when I used room temperature water and then microwaved.


Next, make it sweet! I usually go for about two spoonfuls of sugar, because I like my hot cocoa a little more like dark chocolate. Three spoonfuls will do for most of you though. Do you use a sugar substitute like Agave Nectar? Let me know how that works for you. I have been wanting to try more wholesome sweeteners, but have not had a chance to try it out yet.


Now comes the last step, making your hot cocoa creamy. Fill the rest of the mug up with your favorite milk or milk substitute. I use unsweetened almond milk because it gives it a deeper flavor and doesn’t add any more carbs. Did you know 1 cup of almond milk only has 1 carb? Great for those of us watching our sugars!


Now for the most important part: sit somewhere quiet and warm and breathe deep into your hot cocoa. I like to call this part of my winter therapy. You can learn more about my treatments for the winter blues here.

Put anything special in your hot cocoa, like mint or cinnamon? Share your recipe in the comments below!


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