Easy DIY Curtains and Room Dividers

With this quick and easy DIY curtain project, I was able to hide a lot of the common chaos that happens in a home. We used these curtains to create a faux door to separate our bedroom from the main living area and to cover our closet space. This made our home more comfortable and relaxed, as well as emphasizing the flow of our space.

To complete this project you’ll need:

  • Curtain Rod
  • Fabric for curtains
  • Matching Thread
  • Ribbon or Lace (Optional)

Starting out, simply measure the space that you need to cover. This is important both for the amount of fabric you buy and also the rod you will need to hang it. Once you have your measurements, multiply the width by 1.4 (to account for fabric fullness)  and add 1″ on each side (for the hem). I chose to go a little on the less-full side because for a door I did not want to have too much excess to deal with when opening and closing. If you are making these as actual window coverings, multiplying by 1.6 may be the better option.

Once you have bought your fabric, you have two options for hems. If your curtain will be somewhere the back will not be looked at closely (like covering a closet or window), simply fold over 1/2″ of fabric and sew around the edges. Here is an image of what that will look like. These curtains are currently covering a closet, so it really doesn’t matter if they are a little messy.


If your curtain will be seen from both sides and handled, like in a doorway, I highly suggest taking the time to do this right. Take 1/2″ of your fabric on either side and double it over, so the frayed fabric’s edge is carefully tucked inside. Pin this and sew. Here’s a picture of the curtain that we use as our bedroom doorway panel. It has kept from fraying and feels nice when pulled aside to enter. The doubled part is shown top and


Before you do anything else, hang up your curtain rod. This will help you adjust for the final length. I used these Round Spring Tension Rods from Target. For $3.59, I just couldn’t say no. They were a little hard to adjust for me, but how much do you actually plan on moving your curtain rod once it is in place?

Curtain Rod

Drape your fabric over your rods until the desired length is achieved. I had about 5″ left over, which was perfect to allow me to sew a decorative stitch.  Pin and sew carefully.

Here’s the finished curtain on our closet:


If you want to add a little more detail, use iron-on sealing tape to create a crisp line in your curtain. I found that about a foot down looked really sharp for the length of my door curtain.


Have you made your own curtains? What did you do differently? Share your tips and tricks below.


One thought on “Easy DIY Curtains and Room Dividers

  1. These look really great! They would also be a great way to contain heat in a large room (using a larger rod of course!) I like the pattern and craftsmanship!


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