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How to Create a Writer’s Room Anywhere

Check out my guest post on creating a writer’s space on Kate Jameson’s blog! Keep an eye out for her guest post on my blog on Thursday. Thanks Kate!

Kate G. Jameson

Today’s post was written by the lovely Katelyn Bolds, a friend and fellow Taylor grad. She wanted to share some tips on creating a writing space for those of us who love words. Thanks Katelyn!

Some writers can write anywhere. They keep a journal in their backpack or tote bag filled with colorful journals and pens they didn’t get for free. Whenever the mood strikes them, they can sit down and write.

I am amazed at what a gift that is. But after wasting hours being distracted and having “writer’s block”, I have learned that creating a writer’s space is an art. People who can write everywhere are simply good at tuning out distractions. It can be learned with practice, or avoided by creating a dedicated space. While I do not have a spare bedroom or even a broom closet to dedicate as my writer’s room, I used these tips…

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