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DIY Goddess Legs | Smooth Shaving with Coconut Oil

Now that warm weather is finally in our future, we can start worrying about waking up from hibernation and getting ready for bikini season! Just kidding, I’m still expecting a month of hibernation at least.

But seriously, even in the cold weather, who doesn’t want silky smooth legs? Even if I put yoga pants on directly after getting out of the shower, it makes me feel better that I could always be ready to hop on a plane and fly to the Bahamas. (Just kidding, who has the money for that?)

Watch this Gillette Venus video and tell me you can’t feel your fur growing.

But are those goddess legs even possible? For me it seems no matter what I do, I always end up with red, aggravated skin and cuts. I have spent good money on different kinds of shavers, creams, and techniques and ended up disappointed.

Finally, I have found an inexpensive, all-natural, and nourishing way to get goddess legs at home!

Coconut oil

This oil is so amazing and used in so many health and beauty treatments so I hope you already have a jar in your pantry!

Properties of coconut oil:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Contains essential saturated fatty acids

It took me a teaspoon of solid coconut oil for each leg. Coconut oil is solid when cool and liquid above room temperature so it will melt against the heat of your body.

I shave with coconut oil after my shower when my pores are open and the hair is easiest to shave. I use this time to cover my entire body with coconut oil, locking in the warm moisture from my shower. I do not touch my face during this time because coconut oil can be too heavy and cause whiteheads and pore blockage on the face. Whatever you do, just make sure your entire leg is coated with oil, but not dripping.

When you begin shaving, your shaver will drip some so I suggest doing this over your tub or a towel that needs washing anyways. Note: the coconut oil can solidify and stick to the bottom of your tub. Always make sure that you clean your tub or it is not greasy before the next use. This can be a slipping hazard.

Rinse with soap and water if you want, but it is not required! Your legs will be goddess smooth with a lovely shine.

What is your secret to the perfect shave? Share it with me below.


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