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5 Lazy Morning Hacks to Save Time and Stress

Beep Beep Beep—That alarm just won’t shut up. You snooze it once more, desperately closing your eyes and hoping to fall back asleep for another precious minutes. It goes off again. You look at the clock to shut if off more permanently and see the time. You’re going to be late. You rush to throw on the closest pair of pants–the ones you threw on the floor last night–and search under the bed for your other shoe. There’s no time for breakfast so you know you’ll be grabbing McDonald’s again. With a few seconds to spare you make it to work, just so the drudgery can start…

Now let me paint you a different morning.

the bold life easy hair, quick morning hackBeep Bee—You catch the alarm mid-beep and switch it off, already swinging your legs out of bed. You stretch, feeling the blood rush through your veins and wake up all your extremities. You get dressed, pulling the clothes on you laid out last night and walk downstairs to a pre-made breakfast waiting for you in the fridge. You have 20 minutes left before you need to leave so you sit in a spot of sunshine and luxuriously eat your breakfast.

Which would you rather be?

I know I’d rather be the second! Many people equate a successful morning routine with being a morning person, but I promise that many non-morning people have figured out lazy morning hacks to save time and stress. After all, just because I don’t like the morning doesn’t mean I want to make it as awful as possible!

There is nothing good about snoozing an alarm. Serial-snoozers get into a harmful habit that will only get worse with time. No one benefits from two more minutes of sleep. Applying principles of minimalism and laziness we can work to make the mornings bearable!

Lay out clothes
Nothing is worse than standing in front of your closet bleary eyed and finding nothing to wear. Lay out your outfit the night before so you aren’t rushed and have full control of your vision. You would be surprised what your brain thinks looks good at 6 am. This also leaves time for an emergency trip to the laundry room if that one piece you need to wear has a coffee stain on it.

Have a go-to look
Changing up your look is for middle-schoolers and models.. Have a go-to when it comes to hair and makeup. I go barefaced much of the time and pin my hair back with a braid or clip. This saves so much time in my routine and in my personal opinion, I don’t think many people even notice when women don’t wear makeup.

Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

Have bag packed

Have your go-to backpack or bag ready by the door. Lay your keys out so you won’t have a morning scramble for them. You can even stow your lunch or breakfast in your bag if it does not require refrigeration.

Make lunch ahead

Speaking of… Making your lunch ahead of time will save you SO much money in the long run. $10 a day eating at Jimmy John’s adds up, so bring your own sandwich to work. Check out some of my Quick and Healthy Meals for Lazy Chefs or visit my pinterest board for inspiration!

Make some tea or coffee in a mason jar and refrigerate overnight for the perfect “iced” morning drink. Grab some granola and a banana for a boost of good carbohydrates and B vitamins! Or make some overnight oats.


Planning is not the enemy of the lazy. The lazy know how to utilize their time in the most relaxed way possible. I know I’d much rather sleep 15 minutes later than put on makeup in the morning! What do you do to save time and hack your way to a successful morning routine?
5 Lazy Morning Hacks to Save Time and Stress


4 thoughts on “5 Lazy Morning Hacks to Save Time and Stress

  1. I can definitely attest to making lunches ahead of time; ever since I started making my weekly lunches on Sundays I’ve saved a lot of time in the mornings, and I’ve avoided a significant amount of stress. But I think the best way to have a better morning is by making sure you get a good night’s sleep. When I go to bed at 11:30PM I’m sluggish and slow in the morning, but when I go to bed at 9:30PM or earlier, I’m far more energetic and I’m even able to get some exercise in before I go to work.


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