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5 Nighttime Bad Beauty Habits

While you were sleeping…

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? When 9:30 comes around, I’m already getting excited for the sweet moment my head touches the pillow. I used to simply fall into bed after I was done with my day. That is, until I discovered I was guilty of 5 nighttime bad beauty habits.

Avoid the dreaded "morning face" (this is even after coffee)
Avoid the dreaded “morning face” (this is even after coffee)

Breaking these habits will let you awake refreshed and beautiful, not diving for makeup to cover your creases, crinkles, and circles.

Not Removing Makeup

While you were sleeping, your skin is regenerating. In fact, it repairs faster during the night than any other time of day. Sleeping with your makeup on allows bacteria to grow, toxins to seep into the skin, and causes premature aging. The makeup will also get all over your sheets which will continue to touch your face for nights to come! I know it can be tempting to skip this step and fall directly into bed, but you wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth would you? Your skin deserves the same amount of care.

Always remove your makeup

Try a simple routine of an all-in-one wash and makeup remover like the oil cleansing method. Basically the concept is a clean oil (like sweet almond oil) will actually get rid of grease, melt away makeup, and tighten pores. Massage a high quality oil onto your dry face and steam with a washcloth to remove. This process should take less than a minute.

Leaving Hair Down

Again, I feel like I skip this one when I’m rushed to bed, but putting your hair in a loose braid or some sort of stress free style will help prevent damage. Reducing breakage is the most important thing to keeping your hair healthy. Keep hair from getting tangled or damaged from rubbing up against clothes, pillow cases, etc with some of these awesome damage-free hairstyles.

Not Changing Sheets

We spend roughly 56 hours a week in bed. That’s 56 hours of late night snacking, snoring, sweating–and don’t get me started on sex. Sheets are filthy beasts. They are meant to be cleaned regularly. Can you imagine going a few weeks let alone a month without showering? No? Then don’t let your sheets contaminate your clean self. Change your sheets every week or so for optimum cleanliness. Your skin and sleep will thank you!

Not Moisturizing

We lose a lot of moisture at night. It is the longest time during the day that we go without drinking water. Because of this, skin can easily dry out, causing wrinkles and dark circles. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate before you go to bed!

Nighttime is the best time to slather your hands and feet with a thick, sticky moisturizer that you might not want to use during the workday. It’s also a great time to apply serums and other anti-aging products because skin is more receptive and absorbs more at night. Choose products like humectants that attract moisture from the air to your skin. Some natural humectants are aloe, honey, and hyaluronic acid.

Sleeping on side or front

(Another constant battle for me)

Yes, yes, you’re even sleeping wrong. Sleeping on your side or stomach allows your face to touch your pillow, which can be filthy as we learned above. Also when you sleep like this, your face is being pressed into your pillow, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness around the eyes. To avoid this, sleep on your back or invest in a higher thread count or satin pillow case.

What are some of your nighttime bad beauty habits? How have you broken them? Follow me on Pinterest for more natural beauty tips!

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