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How to Make A Hotel Feel Like Home

Ahhh, home suite home.

As I open the door to my hotel room, I sink into the feeling of home. Now, I am most certainly not home. My husband isn’t here, my bed is too neat, and I only have access to five days worth of undergarments. But I feel at home in my hotel room.

Travel can be very stressful, especially when you are attending a conference or meetings where you have to be on your game at all times. Returning to a calming hotel room at night can help counteract that. Here are some things that I travel with to help make a hotel feel like home.

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Elements of Home

There’s only so much room in your suitcase, but make it count. Do you really need that second pair of jeans or could you pack a photo of your family instead? Seeing a loved one on your bedside table when you go to sleep and wake up will lead to lower stress levels. Perhaps you also have a favorite blanket, pillow, or–dare I say–stuffed animal? (I’m an adult, I promise).


This might seem counter-intuitive, but fully unpacking from your suitcase will help you feel more at peace with your new home away from home. Hang up your dress clothes and jackets. Re-fold and put your clothes into the dresser. Not only will this help you stay wrinkle-free, but you won’t have the mad scramble to find the important things that always find their way to the bottom of your suitcase in the morning!

Pack the Snacks

Travel can distract even the hungriest from healthy, steady eating habits. For me, I tend to overeat at dinner if I did not pack enough snacks because I don’t want to be hungry later on. This never goes well. Plan ahead and bring your favorite snacks, like granola bars and nuts.


I always travel with my essential oil diffuser or my linen spray. The scent of lavender and mint is so calming to me. It smells fresh and homey and makes me sleep easier, even far away from my loved ones.

Home Suite HomeSounds

White-noise machines are a lifesaver in hotels. It seems like there’s always people closing their doors loudly or children running up and down the halls. Or, in the hotel I am at right now, construction starts outside the window at 5 am. The sound of the ocean or a peaceful rainfall helps block out that noise that will disrupt your sleep. And always pack earplugs just in case!

Slip into Comfort

Once you are in your hotel room, shed your business clothes and get in your most comfortable pajamas. Slip on some slippers or socks so you can get out of your heels. Make your hotel room a safe place where you can put your hair up in a messy bun and just. not. care.

Hotel Spa

No, I’m not talking about actually going to the hotel spa. I’m talking about making your own! Wrap yourself up in a robe. Slather your face in cold cream. Sip tea and read a book in bed. Do things you wouldn’t treat yourself to at home, and make traveling for business a pleasure.

Rooftop pool in downtown Nashville! #acfw2016

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Now, none of this fully makes up for the fact that I am missing my husband. I have already wrote him a letter and I’ve only been away for a little over 24 hours. But it’s much better.

This trip is an amazing opportunity and I have been able to connect with so many awesome individuals. Plus, I’m beyond lucky to have a roommate that will grunge it with me (from the privacy of our own room). And she’s a brown belt, so she keeps me safe too.

Home Suite Home Hotel

How do you make your hotel feel like home? Please share your tips! 🙂


2 thoughts on “How to Make A Hotel Feel Like Home

  1. I think my favorite part of this is that you’re encouraging us to take food. Snacks are always a thing I can get behind! . . .

    My tip. Someone to share the hotel suite with makes it feel more homey. When you’re coming back with a roommate, you’re not coming back to a lonely room.

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