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What’s the Deal with Dry Brushing?

When I first heard of dry brushing, it sounded nothing short of uncomfortable. The thought of scrubbing down dry skin with a scratchy, wooden brush was less than appealing.

I ignored the health trend as long as I could, but I was finally coaxed into trying it for myself. Boy, was I surprised to find I liked it!

Dry Brushing for Skin

Dry brushing uses a natural wooden brush that exfoliates and promotes healthy blood flow. You brush the skin in a particular pattern (toward the heart) to detox the lymphatic system and boost immunity. Whether or not this is true in regards to lymph support, dry brushing has plenty of proven benefits.

  • Exfoliation: The first thing you will notice after dry brushing is how soft your skin is. The brush gets rid of dead skin cells and helps leave skin feeling soft and new.
  • Cleans and repairs skin: Dry brushing distributes the body’s natural healthy oils as well as scrubbing off dirt and debris. Dry, neglected skin will be provided with extra stimulation and circulation, helping to reduce appearance of scars and stretch marks.
  • Tighten skin: Many claim that dry brushing helps get rid of cellulite. While it is hard to back up this claim, dry brushing definitely makes skin feel tighter and look younger!

How to Dry Brush

You will first need to select a dry brush. No, you cannot use your tooth or hairbrush. Use a natural bristle brush like this; the longer handle will let you reach your back and legs easily.

Dry brush when your body is dry. Typically, the best time is right before a shower to remove all those freshly exfoliated dead skin cells.

Everyone has their own technique for brushing, but the important thing is that you brush toward the heart. This means brushing up the legs and arms, which may feel weird the first time. Repeat gently around 10 times.

Skin may be slightly pink (from stimulated circulation), but should not be red or painful.

Why I Dry Brush

My skin gets very dry, very quickly. Dry brushing has helped reinvigorate my skin and makes it softer and more moisturized than any lotion ever has.

It also is a lovely relaxing activity I can do 5 minutes each night before bed. Although I know some people who do it before their morning shower to help wake them up.

Do you dry brush? I would love to hear your results.

Read more about Dry Brushing over at the Crunchy Moose.


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