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8 Valentine’s Dates for Cheapskates

Want a valentine’s day that doesn’t break the bank? Use these cheap and simple ideas to declare your undying love.

1. Read to each other. Nestle up under a blanket by the fire. Light candles and pick up a good book. A romance with passionate kisses or a book about boy wizards–it’s up to you. Snuggling and listening to the sound of your voice can be oh-so romantic. ❤

2. Go stargazing. Grab a blanket (blankets are very important) and start driving until you can see the stars. And when I say stars I mean not just one or two, but more than you can count. Wrap yourselves up close and try to find constellations you recognize. If you can’t find any, just make up your own. Think of how big the universe is and how lucky you are to have found each other.

3. Dinner and a movie. It sounds so cliche, but make it your own. Choose a meal to make together. One of you can read the recipe and stir the pots while the other chops the onions and pretends not to cry. Dance around the kitchen. Lick all the spoons. Embrace your love in doing something simple and sweet. Valentine’s day should be all about the little things in my opinion, so spoil each other with kindness. Clear the table without being asked. Surprise him with a kiss. You can even just wear an apron if you want… Once you’re done dining, watch a romantic classic like You’ve Got Mail, or if you’re like me, The Little Mermaid. Nothing in my book is better than an intentional night at home with the one I love.

Check out this list from rom-com expert Nichole Parks.

4. Build something! Look through all those projects you’ve stored up on Pinterest and pick one that will complement your strengths as a team. Example: He’s good with power tools and you’re good with painting. It can be really rewarding to make something as a couple that you both contributed to. Not only will you have accomplished a project, but you will also have the memories of doing it together whenever you look at your adorably rustic coffee table.

Valentine's day cheap dates hiking

5. Take a hike, pal! There’s nothing like getting physical…ahem…I mean getting active together. Explore a new trail. Take him somewhere you’ve never been before. Bring a picnic lunch and a bottle of something bubbly. If you haven’t gotten the point yet, the date is really not what matters. What matters is showing love to your person. Take intentional time to be sweet and show them nothing else in the world matters.

6. Go geocaching. If meandering in the woods isn’t your style, check out geocaching. If you haven’t heard of geocaching before, it’s basically a gigantic treasure hunt. Hundreds, if not thousands, of geocaches are hidden around your area. If you want, you could even hide a romantic note in it before Valentine’s day. Just be sure to label it so the wrong person doesn’t end up with your Valentine!

7. Do something childish. Yes you! I know you work 50 hour a week shifts, but sometimes you have to take off those heels and play hide and seek. Or have a nerf war. Winner gets the last slice of pizza! Have a box of Legos you haven’t used in years? Design your dream home together or build a replica Eiffel tower to take a picture kissing in front of.

8. Build a palace, a blanket palace. I would say fort, but let’s face it–it’s Valentine’s day and he’s your Knight in Shining Armor. Do it right; line the floor with a mattress or layers of thick comforters. Bring every pillow and cushion in your house. Use Christmas lights for ambiance. (Skip the candles to be safe!!) Bring plenty of snack foods, watch netflix, play games, and camp out all night. No leaving the blanket fort palace except for going to the bathroom.

Now before you sign up for this cheapskate Valentine’s day plan, make sure your date is on the same page. If she thought she was getting diamonds and he only shows up with pizza and a handmade love note, it might make for some misunderstandings. However that sounds perfect for me.


♫Love don’t cost a thing

Have you ever done a free/cheap Valentine’s day date? Share your favorite below.

Valentine's dates for cheapskates


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