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30 Days Hair Growth Challenge

Every little girl dreams about Rapunzel-length hair, but let’s face it—all those tangles! Nobody has time for that. Well, instead of floor/tower-length hair, I’m shooting for tail bone length. Let’s see how much I can grow in 30 days!

The normal person grows 1/2 inch every month. Many beauty bloggers claim that they’ve seen 2 to even 5 inches in a month with hair growth routines. I’m going to try out the best proven of these and see what happens!

My Current Hair:

Right now, my hair is 30.5 inches (measured from forehead down the back) and what is commonly considered waist-length.

My biggest problem with my bleached hair is the dry damaged ends that I have. Moisture and protein is what will help stop that damage from getting worse and falling off my head. Before I measured, I spent some time watching Netflix and trimming my hair searching for individual strands that were split.

Below you can see my hair in it’s current state. I have a slight natural wave, which can frizz like nothing else!

The Routine

For this 30 days hair growth challenge, I will be putting my hours of YouTube research to work and testing out the best tips I’ve seen. Below I’ve embedded several of my favorite videos so you can try it out too.

Oil Treatment

Using an oil treatment on your hair is so, so nourishing. There’s no one proven recipe that works best, so I’ve been experimenting with what my hair likes the most. Many people like coconut oil, but I find that makes my hair crispy at the ends. Odd. Instead I use sweet almond oil, which is one of the cheaper ones, but still leaves my hair pretty light and not too weighted down. I try to add essential oils that are stimulating to the scalp, such as tea tree oil, rosemary oil, and/or peppermint oil. A few drops will do because of the potency, but this just helps stimulate blood flow and boost growth.

Oil treatments are good to leave on for a while, so I just tie my hair up with a clip and typically put a garbage bag around it as well. This traps heat and allows the oils to soak in better. Plus you don’t get oil on everything.


No oil treatment would be complete without a scalp massage. I personally don’t like massages, but this one I’ve learned to enjoy. Check out the video below for the proper process. Make sure you don’t scratch or pull at hairs!

Limit Shampoo

For the 30 day hair growth challenge I will only be washing my hair after oil treatments. That means two times a week. Don’t get grossed out—I’ll still be showering! This just means I won’t actually be using shampoo on my hair except twice a week. This will limit the amount of damage that the hair undergoes during a shower and let all the goodness of nature’s own hair oils do its work.

During a non-shampoo shower, I will simply tie my hair up in a bun and keep it as dry as possible. If my scalp becomes sweaty, I will simply use a spray bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to rinse and cleanse. You’d be surprised how well this works. Follow me on Instagram for daily story updates and I’ll show before and after pictures!

Cold rinse

At the end of every shampoo shower I will be finishing with a cold rinse. BRR! Good thing it’s hot out and it will actually feel good. Bending over and just allowing the head in the stream of water helps if you don’t want to freeze.

The cold rinse seals the hair shaft and will help reduce frizz as well as boosting circulation to the scalp.

Inversion Method

In addition to scalp massages, the inversion method is given a lot of credit in helping boost growth. This method is quite literally inverting the head (flipping upside down) and giving a scalp massage. I will probably do this with my head hanging off the bed, as I have low blood pressure and I don’t want to get too dizzy!

I will be doing the inversion method once every week. 🙂

Wooden Hairbrush

I already use a wooden brush, but I think it’s part of my routine that I should mention. I wrote a blog post about it here: 5 Awesome Benefits of a Wooden Hairbrush. It helps distribute healthy oils and reduce damage while brushing. And it’s a game changer.

Rice Water Rinse

Rice water has it’s roots in Chinese medicine. The women in the Yao village have been using it for centuries; the Yao women hold the Guiness book record for longest hair, with the average of 6 feet! 6 FEET. Seriously. So they’re doing something right.

Check out this video below by Steph Arizona. She has great tips. I make mine by letting the rice soak in water overnight and ferment. This gives it a little extra goodness. I’ll be doing this once a week and then rinsing it off just with water in the shower.

Heatless Hairstyles

If you know me, you probably already know I never use heat on my hair. I’m far too lazy to blow dry, let alone straighten, or curl my hair. This is something I will obviously continue to do during my challenge, as well as putting my hair in damage-free styles. Braids, buns, and loose styles like these keep the hair from getting tangled, pulled, roughed up, or slammed in doors (which happens often to me). I will be braiding my hair every night and typically wearing my hair in a damage-free style during the day.

Green Tea

Another thing I’ll be doing every day is drinking green tea. This is something I’ve been wanting to add in to my routine for a while, to replace coffee. I drink it with a packet of Stevia, which also has a lot of health benefits. Green tea is just the ultimate natural beauty tool you can have in your arsenal. I won’t go in to all the benefits, but if you want to know more just Google it. I’m sure there’s about a billion results.

I’ve also heard about using a green tea rinse, but I’m not sure I’ll try that, since I’m really liking the rice water rinse right now.


Well, that’s it for now. Leave your hair growth tips in the comments below. I would love to try out any of your suggestions!



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