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The Sweet & Sour of Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins

Guest Post by Nichole Parks, a review of Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins.

Mostly I’m just an adult who wanted an excuse to have vitamin gummies. That, and my hair takes forever and a day to grow . . . probably doesn’t help that I hot iron it on the regular.

To give the vitamins a real chance to work, I ordered 3-months’ worth.

Got a trim. Measured. And waited for Sugar Bear to do its thang.

After two gummies every day for a month, I measured. It grew a whopping 1 ½”! Like really, that never happens to me.

Something else wonderful: my locks were shiny but not oily. I mean, I’m sure the wonderfully awful acne medicine that dries my face had something to do with it. *shrugs* Still. Because of this development, I could go longer without washing my ever-longer locks.

The end of month three found me in the beautician’s chair for a trim.

What my hairdresser said. . .  

  1. My hair felt healthier and thicker.
  2. Only ½” needed trimming. (Usually my damaged ends demand 2”.)

Even though my hair didn’t exceed 26” from month one, it continued to grow. Whatever breakage I lost, the vitamins compensated for. And it’s thicker! Yaas.

The Sweet:

My order included a wooden brush, ribbon hair tie, and two stickers. It ships ridiculously fast. I looked forward to taking them every morning. Never missed a day. Shinier. Healthier. Thicker. Continual growth.

The Sour:

Sugar Bear is expensive. They do have packaged deals that get cheaper per vitamin the more you buy, but it’s definitely an investment. And I had hoped to see more growth.

sugar bear hair vitamins

What I decided. . .

The vitamins delivered as promised. They’re fun. I’ve ordered enough for the next six months. This time I’ll be trimming my hair often to maximize potential growth.


Nichole Parks (not to be mistaken for Nicholas Sparks) packs a punch as a copywriter at Victorian Trading Co. When she’s not cuffed to her inbox, Nichole evades blind dates and loves on her latest dark humor manuscript. Always with a flair for the traumatic… Stalk her on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagram.


Will you be ordering Sugar Bear Hair? Comment on social or below for a chance to win these cute Sugar Bear stickers!


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