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Tiny Home Tour – Visit Our 40 Acre Homestead

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We bought a 500 sq feet tiny home on 40 acres of Kansas woodland. Join me as I give you a partial tour of our new home. tiny home the bold life

Our house was originally intended to be a hunting cabin, so it lacked some of the basic amenities like air conditioning and a finished kitchen. In the few months since we’ve moved in, we installed our own mini-split dual head A/C units, carpeted the upstairs loft bedroom, fixed plumbing issues, graded the driveway and more. Needless to say, we love hard work. 🙂

Spiral staircase tiny houseOne of my favorite features of this house is the beautiful spiral staircase up to the loft bedroom. It’s things like this that can make a person fall in love with a house straight away.

tiny home the bold life

tiny home the bold life bedroom









Night and day the woods change the entire look of our home. The light plays on the leaves through the windows, enhancing color and brightening the walls. I couldn’t bear to put up curtains. Please ignore the mess, but I love this photo of how the light changes.

tiny home the bold lifePerhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned from living in a tiny home is that minimalistic design elements go a long way. In fact, the less you have, the better your space will look. Sometimes that just isn’t viable—You do have to live in your home, unlike those Tiny House design shows—but the more you can try to live with less, the better off you are.

The photos and art that I hang up are specifically chosen favorites, instead of hanging up everything I have. What’s great about this is I can switch out those photos whenever I feel like I need a change. No need for more frames that sit unused.


That’s all for now! I’ll get more images to share with you once we are finished with our kitchen redesign! So excited to have a real stove (I’ve been using a camp stove for the past four months).

Thanks for visiting our tiny home homestead!



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