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Grow your own Sweet Potato Plants Indoors

I don’t know about you, but my potatoes always seem to be on the verge of sprouting. That’s probably because I buy bulk potatoes and only cook for two. But hey, why should I pay more just because I buy less!

Anyways, because sprouted potatoes are debatably edible or poisonous depending on who you talk to… I decided not to chance it with these sweet potatoes that had shoots sticking out all over. Talk about healthy plants! These guys were growing in the dark of my pantry without me doing a thing!

Cut your potato in half and stab chopsticks into the side halfway down the half. Submerge the cut end into water and place in a sunny window. Within a week mine sprouted leaves!

Eventually roots will descend into the water and then you can decide whether to plant it or keep it growing in the jar. I think it absorbs less nutrients in the jar but I haven’t had troubles so far. Just make sure to change the water when it begins to grow cloudy.

Again, this is not the most attractive part but just LOOK at those leaves!!

It’s as easy as that. Instead of disposing of a sprouted potato you’ll have a beautiful plant! Once you have roots a few inches long, place in nutrient rich soil and water regularly.

What have you grown from your pantry? Share your ideas and I’ll try them out!


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