Natural Beauty

30 Days Hair Growth Challenge

Every little girl dreams about Rapunzel-length hair, but let’s face it—all those tangles! Nobody has time for that. Well, instead of floor/tower-length hair, I’m shooting for tail bone length. Let’s see how much I can grow in 30 days! The normal person grows 1/2 inch every month. Many beauty bloggers claim that they’ve seen 2… Continue reading 30 Days Hair Growth Challenge

Natural Beauty

5 Awesome Benefits of a Wooden Hairbrush

Wooden hairbrushes are a great tool to have in your natural beauty arsenal. Check out these top 5 benefits and I bet you’ll throw out your old plastic hairbrush. Before I started the process of growing my hair long you could’ve heard me brush my hair from the other room. Rip-Rip-Rip. A good, quick brushing… Continue reading 5 Awesome Benefits of a Wooden Hairbrush

Natural Beauty

What is the Oil Cleansing Method?

Throw out your soap! Here’s the dish on the oil cleansing method. I know what you’re thinking-putting oil on your face seems like the worst thing for it. But the oil we are talking about is different than the one you get on your face after eating McDonalds. Oils like sweet almond oil, olive oil, and… Continue reading What is the Oil Cleansing Method?

The Bold Life

5 Reasons A Couple Should Move

There’s no place like home, especially a home in Kansas! At the beginning of the month, the Mr. and I packed our clothes into duffel bags and headed south–well, southwest. We woke up at 4 am and took the eight hour drive caravan style. With Taylor Swift cranked, I chugged coffee and spritzed myself with… Continue reading 5 Reasons A Couple Should Move

Healthy Food

Natural Recovery for Cold and Flu Season

The Mr. and I have just returned from our long-awaited second honeymoon at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We had a week-long adventure splashing in puddles at Animal Kingdom, doing yoga in front of Cinderella’s Castle, and barely escaping Hurricane Matthew. Adventure is out there and we got a lot of it on our trip!… Continue reading Natural Recovery for Cold and Flu Season